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Social Economics of World Public Media

"Where Social Justice is Everyday Life"

The Plan

We here at The Social Economics of World Public Media Take pride in our work, our Job, and why we were founded. We take in people who are victim of crimes, or who had been displaced from the previous notation and turn them in to the good and wealthy, With our comprehensive in house factory for the Sans, to the Broadcasting mecca of 107.5. We are here to help. The Social Economics of World Public Media, Were Social Justice of Everyday Life. Being built on 4th street, where the current lots are now being vacant, This massive structure of steel and concrete will house more then just jobs, We will house people who are victims of crime. with our own Cafeteria. free to the residence.

We also monitor criminal activities from cyber, to street, to media. When their is any type of criminal activity, We are their to make sure the victims are housed safely, were the outside will not come in. On March 21, 2018, Kaylee Lynn Stein Began the designing stages for the Massive structure, and revealed their plans to the Board of Directors as well as the city planning committee in San Francisco. The address as noted are as is. 560 4th street, San Francisco Ca, 94107. If your residential, It will be noted as is. 560 4th Street, WPMT-N #65C San Francisco CA, 94107. If your a business it's noted as is. 560 4th street, floor 3, ste or room, San Francisco ca, 94107. Their is 9 floors devoted to Corporate use.

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